5 Best Hotel Booking Websites in 2022

Planning a vacation and worried about where to stay? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We are mentioning 5 best hotel booking websites in 2021, in this article for you. Give them a read and discover the perks of booking hotels from these worth mentioning hotel booking websites.


Booking.com is the first website in the list. It provides you information of a variety of hotels, hostels and apartments in your desired area. You can filter the results according to your preferences. This site also mentions the cost of booking hotels for you to compare the total expenditure with other hotels and select the one according to your budget.


Kayak is another hotel booking website that counts as one of the best sites for booking hotels. The website allows you to get an eye into a variety of hotels in your target area. The perks of using this site for booking your hotels lies in its facility to offer an insight into the booking rates of other websites so you can compare the costs. Although the cost of hotel booking is higher in first search results but you can filter the results according to your budget.
Another amazing feature of this website is its facility to automatically sort out recommended hotels list on the basis of the reviews of people. It is good in a sense that you will not need to search longer and can get an idea about the hotel.
Despite of so many advantages of using this website, it has one drawback that the option of filtering results on the basis of price is hard to find. The facility of offering comparison of prices for different hotels overlooks the downside of this website, making it one of the best hotels booking sites in 2021.


Priceline is known to be one of the easiest hotel booking websites due to its attractive design layout and efficient hotel search engines. Although the hotel cost comparison on this website is similar to other websites, one feature that brings this website in limelight is the consistency of its prices with other online travel agencies. In addition to it, the search results on website focuses more on tourist friendly areas and downtowns, that is the major plus of this website. Furthermore, the website allows you to filter the search results according to your budget and you can also make deals with hotels, mentioning them the price you are willing to pay. It would be then the hotel’s choice to either accept or reject your offer.


Hotels.com enables you to find the best hotel to book in your target area. It’s advanced search option allows you to filter the results according to your budget and location. This website mentions a variety of hotels including upper and lower end ones, located in or around the cities. Also, the prices on this website are in consistence to online travel agencies.

One drawback of this website is that it also mentions hotels that are fully booked but this is overlooked by the various benefits of using this website. Another perk of using this website is the fact that it not only allows you find hotels in your desired area, but also guesthouses, condo hotels, breakfasts and so forth.

Hotels Combined

Last but not the least, Hotels Combined is another worth mentioning hotel booking website. It displays a wide range of sources for finding the right hotel. The website allows direct access to the hotel’s website and online travel agencies too. The search results can be filtered according to your requirements like on the basis of prices, room types, locality etcetera. The prices of hotels can be viewed with or without taxes. It also mentions airport hotels and gives you an estimate of the total trip price it would cost you instead of the rate per night.
So these were five best hotel booking websites in 2021. If you are planning a trip for coming vacations, do not hesitate booking your hotel from one of these websites, you will surely thank us later for this. Safe travelling!

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