6 Business Careers You Can Seek after with a Global Studies

An international business career enables you to travel around the world, interact with undeniable level clients, & shape organizational results. It’s a career that slices through complex intercultural issues-helping you make a lasting impact on global organizations all while positioning yourself for professional advancement.

6 Business Careers You Can Seek after with a Global Studies Degree

With a growing world economy, many corporations have offices overseas and are looking for international business employees, like

management and financial analysts,

marketing managers,

HR professionals, chiefs, and


These companies include IBM, General Electric, Apple, General Engines, Amazon, and Facebook.

“You are very much situated for a large number of careers by being able to appreciate the dynamics of how to function diversely,

” says Gail Marcus, adjunct professor in Northeastern’s Master of Science in Global Studies and International Relations program.

“By studying for a career in international business, you are preparing yourself for the universe of things to come.”

Assuming you’re looking to enter international business, remember that the majority of global jobs like or require an advanced degree. According to a 2017 report from Burning Glass Labor Insight, 57% of businesses like or require a graduate degree for positions within international relations.

A graduate degree, therefore, may be the best path to advance your career, whether you’re looking to earn an


support your income,

enhance your professional network, or

change careers.

In the event that you’re considering a career in international business, the following are seven popular jobs an advanced global studies or international business degree can give.

In-Demand International Business Careers

Management Analyst
2017 Median Pay: $82,450
Estimated Job Growth through 2026: 14 percent
Management analysts, also known as consultants, create better approaches for improving an organization’s productivity.

They advise upper management on the most proficient method to enhance company performance by solving organizational issues, e.g.,

evaluating another market expansion program or adapting to an alternate operations strategy.

In particular, global analysts assist companies with finding answers for issues regarding foreign markets. They work with companies on explicit activities within a wide range of areas on a global scale, including management, market research, corporate strategy, finance, and information innovation.

Marketing Manager Business

2017 Median Pay: $129,380
Estimated Job Growth through 2026: 10 percent
Marketing managers should balance a serious business strategy with a creative vision. They often work with

art chiefs,

sales leaders,

item designers,

advertising managers, and

other employees to create engaging marketing campaigns.

In addition, international marketing managers are answerable for increasing global sales. They should know about global market drifts and foster items that satisfy need around the world.

Human Resources Manager

2017 Median Pay: $110,120
Estimated Job Growth through 2026: 9 percent
Human resources managers select and recruit employees, examine organizational goals with chiefs, and fill in as a liaison between top management and employees.

International HR managers manage labor force variety, legal restrictions, and the relationship among training and professional improvement on a global scale. They align legal compliance with labor and tax laws around the world.

Financial Analyst

2017 Median Pay: $84,300
Estimated Job Growth through 2026: 11 percent
Financial analysts produce reports, guide investment activities, and foster strategic planning to help the drawn out financial goals of a company. They combine the technical and communication abilities expected to enhance their organization’s primary concern.

As investing turns out to be more international, global organizations want financial analysts who understand the area’s language, culture, environment, and political background. International analysts should understand how global monetary standards, diplomacy, and overall stock exchanges affect their company’s primary concern.


2017 Median Pay: $102,490
Estimated Job Growth through 2026: 6 percent
Economists study the creation and circulation of resources, goods, and services by analyzing data, developing theories, and evaluating monetary issues. They work in a variety of fields, including education, improvement, and healthcare.

International economists analyze global issues, for example, international buyer demand for certain items or administrations, to assist with increasing a company’s profits. A few economists may work for research institutes, while others work for major international organizations, like the World Bank, International Monetary Asset, and Joined Nations. Many economists work for federal, state, and local legislatures, analyzing data about their nation’s economy, including business, pricing, efficiency, wages, and other types of national data.

Strategy Analyst

Median Pay: $115,110
Number of Jobs in 2016: 7,300
Strategy analysts study complex issues and suggest answers for a wide range of political issues, from homeland security to healthcare and environmental approach. They examine state run administrations, political patterns, legal frameworks, and other related issues, and their research illuminates public approach.

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