18 Best Hilarious Comics That Will Make Your Day

Funny Comics That Will Brighten Your Day Humor is the ability of events to make other people laugh and be entertained. The phrase comes from ancient Greek humoral medicine, which claimed that the harmony of bodily fluids known as humours had an impact on one’s health and emotions.
A good chuckle is appreciated by people of all ages and cultures. The majority of people define a sense of banter as the capacity to smile, chuckle, or be exceedingly joyful at something amusing (such as a pun or joke). The behaviour patterns that lead to it would probably be inexplicable to the ideal individual who lacks humour.

Although a person’s level of entertainment is ultimately determined by personal preference, a number of elements, such as place of residence, culture, moral character, amount of education, IQ, and context, can have an impact. Slapstick, like Tom and Jerry cartoons or Punch and Judy puppet shows, may appeal to young children due to its physical features.

Satire and other more complex types of humour appeal to a wider audience because they need knowledge of social context and meaning.



















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