She is the TV star who slept with over 700 men. Why she has been practicing abstinence for 15 months now
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She is the TV star who slept with over 700 men. Why she has been practicing abstinence for 15 months now

Belinda Love Rygier, a familiar face from Australian reality TV, recently opened up about her struggle with sex addiction, revealing that she had over 700 sexual encounters at one point in her life, and that her addiction had “ruled her life.”

Having gained fame through her appearance on The Bachelor Australia in 2017, Belinda has since embarked on a journey of recovery. She disclosed that she has been single for the past 15 months and has actively sought help through a rehabilitation program.

The 38-year-old TV personality confessed to a lifestyle where she would go out six nights a week in pursuit of new sexual partners, admitting that her addiction consumed her.

Belinda noted that during the peak of her addiction, dating apps were not as prevalent as they are now, making it easier for her to indulge in her compulsions without restraint.

Reflecting on her journey, Belinda revealed that she only recognized her addiction after she had begun to heal from it. It wasn’t until she was invited to speak on a radio program that she confronted the reality of her situation. She attributed her addiction to unresolved trauma from her past.

Despite her addiction, Belinda maintained a successful career and managed to keep her struggles hidden. She described herself as a “functional addict,” emphasizing that her professional life remained unaffected.

While she admitted to losing count of the number of sexual partners she had, Belinda estimated it to be well over 700. However, she expressed no shame about her past, emphasizing that her sexual desire remains strong.

Belinda emphasized that her addiction stemmed from a need for validation and love rather than genuine connection. She criticized society’s shallow approach to sex, highlighting the importance of emotional intimacy in her future sexual encounters.

Currently, Belinda has chosen to abstain from sex, emphasizing the need for a meaningful emotional connection before engaging in any intimate activities. She envisions her future encounters to be more fulfilling and authentic.

Despite her past struggles, Belinda has transformed into a social media influencer, sharing her life lessons and experiences with her followers. Through her platform, she hopes to inspire others to overcome their own challenges and lead fulfilling lives.

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