Kylie Jenner Breaks Down As Trolls Attack Her Looks
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Kylie Jenner Breaks Down As Trolls Attack Her Looks

Kylie Jenner may appear resilient in the face of criticism, but even she has her breaking points. Recently, she opened up about her struggles with harsh comments during an episode of The Kardashians.

Kylie, a 26-year-old beauty mogul, shared her frustration over the relentless online criticism about her looks. She explained how hurtful it is to be called “old” whenever she opts for a more natural appearance.

Despite her confident public persona, these cruel remarks chip away at her self-esteem, stirring up insecurities she’s dealt with since childhood.

In her conversation, Kylie expressed the need to maintain self-confidence, even under intense scrutiny. She recounted an instance where she wore minimal makeup to a fashion show, hoping to avoid her usual critics. Unfortunately, the poor lighting and her makeup-free look led online trolls to comment that she appeared older than her age. She noted that she’s had lines on her face since she was young, making this criticism a familiar yet painful narrative.

Kylie admitted that dealing with negative comments has been a long-standing issue, leaving her feeling vulnerable. While she’s somewhat accustomed to the remarks, certain comments still deeply affect her.

To minimize the backlash about her looks, Kylie has even reduced her use of lip fillers. However, she feels caught in an unending cycle of criticism, believing that no matter what she does, the harsh comments will continue.

Kendall Jenner tried to comfort her sister, assuring her that she looks better than ever. However, she acknowledged that changing public opinion might be impossible. Kendall suggested that the only solution might be to toughen up and rise above the negativity.

It’s a sad reality that public figures like Kylie face such intense scrutiny. Her experience offers a glimpse into the constant challenges that many people, especially those in the limelight, endure regularly.

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